The at-home chef may experience a number of problems when it comes to cooking in the home. Some kitchen floors are too hard, while others are hard to clean. There are a number of options when it comes to residential flooring, but if you’re an amateur chef that loves to cook, some rise above the rest. Here are some of the best kitchen floor options with the chef in mind. 


You definitely get the most bang for your buck with linoleum flooring in the kitchen. Not only are linoleum floor tiles easy to clean, but they’re also softer than other forms of flooring. This means this floor is gentle on your back and can support comfortable standing and moving for long periods of time. This is a great option for people who hate area rugs in the kitchen and want a little versatility in the style and design of their floor. 


You can’t beat the visual appeal of hardwood floors in the kitchen. If you thrive on the gorgeous, rustic aesthetic of wood throughout your home, you’ll adore the easy cleanup hardwood flooring has to offer. 

This type of floor isn’t as gentle as linoleum on your back and joints but it’s still a great alternative to the unforgiving qualities of ceramic, concrete, or stone floors. The majority of homeowners — an estimated 56% — actually prefer hardwood floors throughout the home. Just be sure to seal your hardwood floors with the right protectant after your flooring installation is complete. 


Vinyl flooring is resilient and stylish, making it a popular residential flooring option among home chefs. It’s easy on the budget and can be stylized to look like hardwood, tile, stone, or just about any other surface you want to mimic. The wide arrangement of styles is what makes this residential flooring a popular choice. 

Of course, any home chef can benefit with the strategic use of area rugs. You don’t have to install a wall-to-wall rug to enjoy comfortability in your home. Simply lay down a no-slip rug at beneficial locations where you will be standing or walking for long periods of time. A small rug at the stove is a great option for stove-top chefs, while any chef can benefit from a runner along the sink and cabinets. 

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