Your new four-legged friend needs room to run and play but your yard doesn’t have a fenced backyard. Whether you have a big dog or a small dog, getting a fence is practically a necessity for the busy family. Here are all the reasons you need a vinyl fence for your new pet.

It prevents escapes

The most obvious reason for purchasing a fence is to prevent your dog from running loose. If you have a pup that’s prone to slipping off the leash or running out the door, getting a fenced-in backyard is key to protecting your pet. Many busy families might not have the time to go to the park or take their dog for a walk every day. With a vinyl residential fence, making time for Fido is easy; you can escape to your backyard retreat and play fetch to your heart’s content.

Vinyl fencing is durable

Vinyl fencing is a durable material compared to wood fencing. This means it can take whatever the weather throws at it; it also means it’s more resistant to your dog’s strong jaw. Chewing is always an issue when you purchase residential fencing, but a vinyl fence will ensure minimal damage. This will stop your dog from squeezing between the cracks while it looks good for longer. Perform proper maintenance on your fence if you have a dog and remember to repaint your fence every three years or so to keep it looking great.

Vinyl is slippery

Many dogs like to jump and resisting the urge to chase the mailman isn’t always successful. A vinyl fence doesn’t have the grooves or footholds that a chain link fence has; when your pet can’t get a grip, it will stay confined to its designated dwelling — in this case, your backyard.

It will lower your dog’s stress

One of the best aspects of vinyl fencing is the privacy it offers your home. While you’re able to enjoy your backyard in peace, your dog will also rest more easily than if you had a chain link fence. If your dog likes to pace or patrol your yard, blocking their view from passersby will relieve your dog from the stress of guarding your home.

If your dog is aggressive, this is especially important. Vinyl fencing limits its interaction with the outside world, stopping any accidents that might happen.

When you’re choosing a fence for your dog, consider vinyl fencing. Not only will it keep your dog safe and secure, it will also give you peace of mind.